Goat Behind Colorful Screen

I would be perfectly happy making goat art for the rest of my life.

This subject is a beloved goat of mine, Berry. She gave the sweetest milk, and the sweetest kids, and I will admit, she gave more love than many humans did at that juncture of my life. Berry was a socialite; she carried an impressive "over-the-top-goat-ability" pedigree, but she never knew that. Nor did she care, because there were too many things to explore from her POV in a goat body.

As Masters of Joy, goats embody the present moment with no concern for past or future. Their good nature makes for great photo opportunities...and you never know what will actually show up in the frame after you've captured it, because they act impulsively.

Berry was mixed with a giant hibiscus plant, blended into itself about 5x, and a snapshot of my front door, also blended into itself a bunch of times.

Finished in Photoshop