Lyran Partygoer :: Channeled Extraterrestrial Art

This lady connected with me at the last minute, when I had just opened a new panel in Procreate to create....something. She actually had me use a rough painting I'd already started, and then we liquified it in ways I'd never done before.

Lyrans are our ancestors and are the donors of Earth Cat DNA. The cat people came first, then we created cats.

The messages being sent went like this:
Be allowing of the unique form (ie in Earth terms, don't try to make her look like Barbie)
Color is indicative of interesting expression (ie in Earth terms, don't try to make her too realistic)
Pre-human characteristics are still prevalent in your timeline (ie, fur on the face is happening)

She was remarkably easy to draw, and I thought I had her down pat until she reminded me that she is wearing a hat. So there you go.
This being was a very cheery and playful one, OLD OLD OLD like the grandmother that's seen it all. You know that kind of lady, who really doesn't give a darn what anyone thinks about her anymore. "Let them talk."

Created from an original painting in Procreate and liquified.