The Door - Reptilian ORION LIGHT :: Channeled Extraterrestrial Art
The Door - Reptilian Orion Light :: Channeled Extraterrestrial Art

The Door - Reptilian Orion Light :: Channeled Extraterrestrial Art

The original watercolor painting in Rebelle prior to manipulation

The original watercolor painting in Rebelle prior to manipulation

Holy crap this one came out of nowhere. OK, not nowhere. From the basement.

You know about the's the place where your demons hang out, waiting for you to travel down old worn out paths of faulty logic. You generally end up in the corner where there is scary stuff leaking out of the walls. All of your perceived faults are there, along with your feelings of lack, and loneliness, and desperation.

It's the lowest level you get to before plunging into depression....and it's also the vantage point from which many of those lies you tell yourself about yourself ("I'm not good enough," "Things will never change,") originate. You had experiences at that level, and you stored them with that energy. And you can keep looking back there anytime you want to feel that heaviness, since free will allows it.

So that's where I was when I suddenly had the idea, "This healing for the collective thing is bullsh*t. I want out. But since I willingly signed up for it....f*ck it, I'll paint."

The hands moved in spiral motions a lot, and all layers were turned off as soon as they were drawn, so I always had a blank canvas. When I was advised that I was finished painting, I did struggle just a tad with um, judgment. Yet encompassing wide diversity that extends beyond human form and into non-human form also requires the suspension of expectation about what someone else finds beautiful, or tasty, or common. So I shut up. One split second later, I was cutting the thing up in pieces.

This particular artwork only used 6 squares, There will be two more parts to this series, I'm told, so the rest won't go to waste. The artist, a Reptilian named Azior, has a human counterpart on Earth at this time. Our human counterpart may or may not be aware of him on that level. I tried to get juicy details out of him, but I was reminded to respect the soul on all levels of its journey. We wouldn't want to rob someone of such a mind-blowing discovery on his own terms. He's represented in the painting, if you can find him.

The Orion Light represents a time period in the Orion star system at which the system reached completion. The majority of souls had come to the realization of themselves as creators of their reality, and thus integrated their polarity. Many energies from the Orion Light period serve as guides, since Earth has been heading along the same direction as Orion, although Earth is just experiencing a tiny percentage of the oppression that was prevalent on Orion. Even at our worst, it is still Utopia in terms of lack of freedom. But they did it.

Some big darkness there, overcome.

"So from down in the basement, there is always a door. You can find it and go back up to higher levels anytime, or you can hang out in the dark for a while just to remind yourself of how it feels. Everything you experience is your choice."

Dear Azior, this is our painting. If you read this, it was great fun to feel you again, and I look forward to the next chapter in the series.

The multidimensional lifestyle is a huge lesson in honor and compassion for each soul's path. To just watch, observe, send love to all, without requiring it in return. It always comes back, and usually on a much higher level if you care to look. At higher levels, you recognize the divinity of every being, and love is much purer from that broad vista.

Painting completed in Rebelle 3 and reconstructed in Photoshop.

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